There are two main parts of your car, the transmission, and the engine. These two areas must be maintained and serviced regularly to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. At Speed Auto Repair in Roswell, GA, we provide the best available repair and service on your transmission. We will do minor repairs, full replacements including new or rebuilds.

Transmission Flush Service

Your vehicle’s transmission takes the power away from the engine and passes it to your tires. This sounds all too simple but the transmission is actually a pretty complex piece of machinery. You need a trusted expert to help you with services and repairs that will allow you to avoid future issues. The parts of your transmission much like your engine require lubrication to reduce friction and to help reduce the wear on your transmission. Like an oil change, your transmission has fluid that provides lubrication and a coating of your transmission parts. It prevents the aging of your transmission. Speed Auto Repair in Roswell, GA not only changes out this fluid, but we also make sure that the transmission is flushed so that old fluid does not contaminate the new fluid. Most transmissions should be changed around 30,000 miles.

Clutch Replacement Roswell GA

Your clutch in your transmission system should be changed around 60,000 miles. Some vehicles are changed closer to 30,000. You really need to follow your manufacturer’s recommendation or bring in your vehicle for us to inspect and make recommendations.

Transmission Service And Repair Roswell GA

There are some tell signs that your transmission is experiencing problems. We have a list that can help you identify these issues before it is too late:

  • Your car won’t go in gear
  • The shifting is delayed
  • You can smell something burning
  • Your engine seems to be revving higher than normal
  • Your car has lost some of its power
  • You notice you are leaking transmission fluid
  • You hear a humming or a buzz type noise
  • The check engine warning light is on in your dashboard

Transmissions Near Me – Make An Appointment Today!

If you feel like your transmission needs a repair or service, don’t hesitate in bringing your car into the bays at Speed Auto Repair here in Roswell, GA. We proudly work on all makes and models. You can call us or go to our online appointment form to request an appointment. If you have any questions concerning your car, please reach out to us, We are happy to help!

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